Rebuilding DR350 Horn Switch

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I’ve seen some discussion on the flaky horn switches on our bikes. I just corrected mine and thought I would share the info.


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This is a pretty simple job. To do this I used a #2 Phillips screwdriver, a pair of forceps, some #0000 steel wool, and a four year old daughter.

Start by taking the back off of your switch housing. You can accomplish this entire job with the switch on the bike so no need to cut any zip ties.

The horn switch is the switch furthest to the left in this photo, it is held by the two screws, you will remove them. Use the forceps to grab the screws so you don’t drop them.

This spring is between the two sides of the switch. You can also see the contacts here as well as the remains of a very small spider and web, I believe this was most of my problem.

Now take your steel wool and scrub the face of the contacts to remove any oxidation issues. It is helpful to have your four year old daughter near by to hold the screws. Also note that the contact on the yellow horn thumbswitch is not adhered to the switch, keep an eye on that.

Now just put everybody back in the way it came out and enjoy your now working horn.

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