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Death Valley Noobs Rally 2016 – Friday, Part 2

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DVNR2106 Friday – Recovering Ron

Just as we were about to come out of Hidden Valley, about 1 – 1.5 miles away from Teakettle Junction I rounded a corner to find Ron’s bike upright and everybody stopped. Continue reading

Death Valley Noobs Rally 2016 – Friday

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DVNR 2016 Friday – Hunter, Hidden Valley

Friday was my Lippincott, Hidden Valley, Hunter Mountain run. Continue reading

Death Valley Noobs Rally 2016 – Thursday

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DVNR 2016, Thursday.  Reward Mine, Dirt to Darwin

Thursday was my intermediate-level ride into Reward Mine.  There is something childishly fun about riding your motorcycle underground and I’ve been wanting to do it for some time. Continue reading

2015 Sierra Trip

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Tomorrow Sebastian, Charlotte, and I start on our 2015 Sierra trip.  We begin by driving from Torrance, to Truckee to attend the 2015 Cal4Wheel Sierra Trek.  After that we will work our way South toward Sequoia National Park.  Mid-week we pick up Holly and continue the trip.  We then hit NAXJA’s Sierra Fest dinner and raffle then camp in the Sierra National Forest before heading home.

At least 1500 miles just getting in between destinations and 12 nights camping in the borrowed roof top tent. This is going to be great.


July Adopt-A-Trail

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July’s Adopt-A-Trail schedule originally called for 2N04 work but due to the Lake Fire we were forced to relocate to 2N49.  WE still had a great time and got some good work in.

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Azusa Canyon Cleanup 2015

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Joel form ADVRider put out the word that he wanted to build a crew for the Azusa Canyon cleanup. Me being an avid volunteer with the USFS I jumped right on it. We even got to get some riding in on a normally closed trail.

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