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2015 Sierra Trip

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Tomorrow Sebastian, Charlotte, and I start on our 2015 Sierra trip.  We begin by driving from Torrance, to Truckee to attend the 2015 Cal4Wheel Sierra Trek.  After that we will work our way South toward Sequoia National Park.  Mid-week we pick up Holly and continue the trip.  We then hit NAXJA’s Sierra Fest dinner and raffle then camp in the Sierra National Forest before heading home.

At least 1500 miles just getting in between destinations and 12 nights camping in the borrowed roof top tent. This is going to be great.


Andy’s Free – Mojave Road 2015

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My friend and fellow long-time NAXJA member Andy Steiner passed away, the natural memorial run to honer his life was Mojave Road.  A group of us got together and had a good time on the trail.

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Arrastre Shooting Area Cleanup

I’ve been meaning to get a group to clean up the Arrastre Shooting Area for months.  Irresponsible shooters have left a large amount of target debris on the range but each time we would attempt to clean it up there would be active shooters there (sometimes when it was marked as closed).  Finally in September we were able to clean it up.  Dave and Yosh from Transharoo joined my father and I on this cleanup.  While we weren’t able to get everything we did make a dent in it.

This run also served as test run on the newly repaired M100.

While it’s clearly work it feel good to put hours into the Adopt-A-Trail program.

June Adopt-A-Trail Maintenance

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We heard some reports of trees down on 2N49 so I mobilized a crew to correct that. While we were up there we hit 2N04 to check on it.

Down she goes

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Mojave Road 2011

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Mojave Road, one hundred thirty-odd miles of dirt that bisects the Mojave National Preserve and offers a spectacular visit to the beauty of our desert and history.  This is a trail that we almost lost due to the Mojave Preserve and Wilderness areas.  I ran this trail again this past weekend with LOST Jeeps SoCal.

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Santiago Peak, a short drive.

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I had a few hours to kill while some servers filled up tapes in Orange County so I decided to hit Santiago Peak, here are some  highlights:

Santiago Peak, click to enlarge.

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