June Adopt-A-Trail Maintenance

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We heard some reports of trees down on 2N49 so I mobilized a crew to correct that. While we were up there we hit 2N04 to check on it.

Down she goes

As usual 2N04 was pretty low maintenance. The only issue we found was the Arrastre Creek crossing.

The crossing before we started.

We built up the french drain to control the path of water and minimize erosion.

Saturday’s work crew.

The trail is partially blocked by this downed tree.

After that we headed back to camp for the night.  Sunday morning we took off to take care of 2N49.  We had multiple tree issues here, we moved them off the trail with two winches. At some points we had to cut them back with loppers and battery-powered Sawzalls.  At some point I need to get my chainsaw certificate so we can really get some work done.

Beamer prepares the tree for winching by cutting some branches off so we can roll it.

Beamer’s winch moving the tree.

Stopping work so a bike can ride though. Note the winch line he’s riding under.

This larger downed tree was in danger of falling onto the trail so we’re winching it to safety.


It took two winches and a couple of snatch blocks to get the tree off the trail.

Almost there. This type of operation takes some careful forethought. Not only for safety reasons but also to make the tree do what you want. Instead of dragging it we arrange the straps so that we roll it. This not only makes it easier on the equipment it also does less damage to the trail surface.

The last area we cleared off for the day. We brought all this debris down and off the trail.

That’s it for this day!  Thanks for the help John, Beamer, Mike, Paul, Carol, and Sarah.

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