The M416 Trailer

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Scored big time in December 2006 when I found a free M416 quarter ton trailer, I’d been wanting one of these for a long time.  The M416 is the last of the US Military “Jeep trailers” designed to be pulled behind quarter ton Jeeps.  This one is the one sized for the M151 Mutt (not actually a Jeep, an IFS/IRS Ford actually!) and was heavily used in the Vietnam war.

This trailer is an unmolested M416 that had been sitting on an old lady’s lot in the desert for the past twenty or so years.  The only thing that wrong with it was the lunette eye had been cut off and the landing leg was broken, once I replaced those it was back in it’s sixties era glory.  Finding one of these in such pristine shape is rare, usually they’ve been cut up and beat up (See Cal’s M100 trailer!).

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