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July Adopt-A-Trail

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July’s Adopt-A-Trail schedule originally called for 2N04 work but due to the Lake Fire we were forced to relocate to 2N49.  WE still had a great time and got some good work in.

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Andy’s Free – Mojave Road 2015

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My friend and fellow long-time NAXJA member Andy Steiner passed away, the natural memorial run to honer his life was Mojave Road.  A group of us got together and had a good time on the trail.

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October Adopt-A-Trail Run

A group of NAXJA members and I did maintenance on 2N49 and 2N04 this past weekend.  I didn’t take nearly enough photos, here are a few that I did take:

David and Johnny work on brushing the 2N49C spur.

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7.00-16 NDCC vs. LT215/85 R16 Commercial

This is a comparison of the factory original tires on an M416 or M100 to their nearest current commercial size.  Continue reading

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M416, SCORE!

I was talking to a buddy of mine on the phone about a month ago and just happened to say something about the ¼ ton military trailers I liked.  Well he knew of one sitting in a field and said he’d ask the old lady who owned it one day…  The day came, she said I could have it, so I high tailed it out to the desert and Josh and I picked it up (along with the Cushman he got for himself).  I even tried to give her some money for it but she refused!  Best of all the trailer was in almost perfect shape, no hacked up tailgate!  The only problem was a broken landing leg and a modified lunette, both of which will be fairly easy fixes.

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