July Adopt-A-Trail

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July’s Adopt-A-Trail schedule originally called for 2N04 work but due to the Lake Fire we were forced to relocate to 2N49.  WE still had a great time and got some good work in.

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Thanks for coming out to help, Matt, Sean, John, Kim, and Peter! Your hours directly help to keep this and other trails open.

Sebastian, Charlotte, and I left my house around noon and made the drive to 2N49. We slowly made our way up the trail checking for garbage and illegal off-trail usage. We found the trail to be in fairly good condition although, as we already knew, it does have some significant erosion issues we will have to deal with before the next rainy season (if we should have one!).

We then camped off of the trail overlooking San Bernardino.

We woke up Saturday morning, had breakfast, and met with Matt (XCM) and Sean (Souske) to continue our project of clearing the 2N49C spur.

Matt cutting a downed tree.

Sebastian and Charlotte did a pretty significant amount of brush work for their ages.

Sean and Matt work to pull a downed tree off the trail.

All in all despite our small crew we put a good dent in the project. Thanks Sean and Matt!

I ended up coming down with a cold Saturday afternoon so was a bit miserable Saturday night. It was just the kids, Sean, and I camping out for Saturday night so we cooked a fairly simple dinner and hung out. I turned in to bed around 9PM hoping to sleep off the cold.

No luck for me, I woke up Sunday still in poor shape. We were joined by JohnX, his girlfriend Kim, Peter Ford, and, much to Charlotte’s joy, John’s dog Sarge. Since I wasn’t feeling well I sent them along to do brushwork under Sean’s qualified leadership while I slowly packed up camp.

After I packed up I explored 2N43, 2N45, 2N59, and 2N13X looking for an illegal trash dump I hard heard about. I was unable to locate the dump but I did get to eat lunch in a nice place.

All in all from Friday through Sunday we put in a collective 114 hours.

Thanks to the volunteers! I hope to see you and more at the next Adopt-A-Trail maintenance day.

2 comments on “July Adopt-A-Trail

  1. Was up at 2N49C to see the work you’ve done. There is a unlocked gate across trail, is this official, or is it a deterrent to stay out. I want to put on an event in the parking location area or close to it. Will this be ok, legal?
    Thanks for all the trail work done over the years.

  2. What kind of event and how many people/vehicles? The USFS does have various rules on size, etc. The gate is an old cattle gate, it’s perfectly legal to cross this gate.

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