DR350 Test ride!

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Rode the bike an additional 50 miles last night. I did my old standby midnight ride that I haven’t done in nearly a year, a tour of Wilmington (including a bit of dirt road!), over the Henry Ford Bridge to Terminal Island, across the Vincent Thomas bridge to San Pedro, then a circuit through some of the more fun roads of Palos Verdes before going home.

There’s a few things to see along the way.

I had re-aimed my spotlamps earlier this week, I figured I would test them out:

Before aiming:

After aiming:

Much better.

The ride went well, the bike performed flawlessly, the only complaint was a rattle somewhere up front.

When I got home I noticed two gripes.

1: As expected the side stand repair didn’t hold, it’s already starting to bend out. I’ll need to address that today.

2: My brand new turn signal broke.  I don’t believe I came into contact with it, I guess it just can’t handle the vibes of a thumper. A bit annoying since I got OCD with the wiring on that lamp.


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