DR350 Kickstand

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I had one more minor setback today but got it taken care of.

You can see how the kickstand tab has bent outward, this was causing the bike to lean over far enough for the carb to overflow. I had always thought this bike leaned over a bit further than it should, apparently that stand was already bent and bent even further on me.

To correct it I simply bashed it back in place with a hammer. Using a dolly on the back side to keep it straight.

And here it is straightened out.

Now the bike leans at a much more reasonable level.

An added benefit of both straightening out the tab and greasing the pivot is it’s now a lot easier to extend and retract the stand. This solution may not be permanent, I have no idea how many times it’s been bent and corrected, I may have to cut this out and weld in a new gusseted tab.


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