DR350 Teardown

Time to start tearing into the engine. One of the bolt holes for the cylinder head cover was stripped out by the previous owner. This hole is in a spot that is under positive oil pressure so it generates a sizeable leak. In order to fix it I decided to completely remove the head so that I could get an easy out in squarely and eliminate the chance of aluminum shavings being unfriendly to my engine.

As with most fun evenings you have to start by getting naked.

I dig these valve adjustment windows on the head cover. For day-to-day valve maintenance there is no need to pull the whole cover.

Cover off. I was forced to remove the generator cover as well because the crank bolt plug stripped out. The previous owner must have through you needed a lot more torque than necessary. I will have to carefully cut that out and get a replacement plug.

And beheaded. I also removed the clutch cover to inspect the clutch. While I’m in there I will remove the entire basket to check the shift drum bolt, I’ve read that they like to back out.

That’s it for tonight. I need to order some parts and gaskets and get it back together, then it’s on to carburetor cleanout and gasket refresher time.

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