DR350 Engine, Dashboard Mockup

A bit of time spent in the garage tonight on busy work.

I started out by cleaning off most of the carbon from the cylinder head and piston. A friend of mine suggested using CLP (gun oil), that worked great even for a lazy bastard like me. After that I removed the clutch to check it out then cleaned the clutch cover mating surfaces.

Top of head is ready to start work on the stripped out bolt hole, I just need to find my M6x1 heli coil kit (I know exactly where it is… Almost).

Cylinder head cleaner than I started. No cracks I could see.

Engine ready for reassembly pending parts.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the dashboard area. I decided to mount my Trail Tech voyager directly to the handlebars this left me with a large void under the faring. Ultimately I decided to order a rollchart holder to go in this place. Right now I’m stalled waiting on some rough measurements of it then I’ll be ready to proceed.

Only the finest CAD for my budget.

That dash should hold my ignition switch, a Carling rocker switch for my LED spot lamps, the rollchart holder, and the turn, neutral, and high beam indicators. I assure you that when I get to the wiring phase I’ll completely geek out with photos and descriptions.
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