The DR350

I picked up a DR350 on the way home from Adopt-A-Trail work.

“New” motorcycle!

I just bought a 1990 DR350S for $600 from a buddy of mine. I’d been thinking of getting a smaller/lighter bike for more offroad fun and the recent fatal damage of the KLR sealed the deal. This is what I’ll be riding to the DVNR this year.

As you would expect for such a low price the bike has a few things to take care of. The most pressing are a pretty big oil leak caused by a stripped out head cover bolt, neglect from sitting for awhile, removing the lowering link, and a blown rear shock. In addition to the above I’ll be doing some more cleanup and minor mods to make the bike more to my style. I’ll try to remember to update this thread as I move along.

Not too bad looking. Existing farkles include a larger gas tank (not sure if it’s a 3.5 or 4.2) and IMS pegs.

I’ve already got new turn signals and a tail lamp on order.

349cc of air-cooled power.

7k on the clock, clearly a lot of those in the dirt.

This should be fun.

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