January Adopt-A-Trail Runs

A new year, time to get some work done.  Here are a few photos.

Hauling shooting debris out.

We set to work right away. At the trailhead I found this discarded tire.

Sean set up the rigging for a snatch block so I can winch a tree off the trail.

We set that snatch block up so that I could get a straight line to pull the tree off to the side of the trail.

Sean’s winch (out of frame) gets some work pulling this downed tree across an illegal trail spur to block off access.

The Arrastre Shooting Area off 2N02 before I started.

The payload after cleaning up the shooting area.

All told between Sean, Sebastian, and myself we put in 46 hours for the forest over the weekend.  Both Sean’s and my winches got a workout moving downed trees on 2N49 and I did a partial cleanup of the 2N02 shooting area.

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