The Winter Road Trip

This year we decided to drive to Charleston, West Virginia for Christmas with Holly’s family. Below is a highlight reel of that trip.

See more: So here we go, just a simple post full of pictures with brief descriptions. I’m too lazy to write a long story, maybe if you ask nicely one day over a drink I’ll be more detailed. As usual click on any of the image to see them larger.

Starting our trip East.

As we started the trip little Sebastian was very excited to take a drive across the whole country!

A power plant in Arizona.

Steam from the stacks from the power plant in Arizona.

My kind of Interstate, Eastern Arizona.

Road trips are serious business! New Mexico.

Misty Illinois morning.

Church of the haze, Indiana.

Where are all the leaves? Kentucky.

Finally arrived in Charleston.

Sebastian liked my snow boots. Charleston, WV.

Introduction to snow. Charleston, WV.

Snow rocks! Charleston, WV.

What a happy family. Charleston, WV.

Light snow while packing the Jeep and trailer we were forced to rent. Charleston, WV.

Westward ho!

Sebastian met a friend in Missouri!

The St. Louis Arch

The Arch Reflected.

Fixer upper. St. Louis, MO.

Neat sign in Kansas City, MO.

Looking at the frozen shore of a lake near Lucas, KS.

Looks cold! Colorado.

Playing in the snow on New Years Eve. Moab, UT.

Wild new years even party, passed out just after midnight! Moab, UT.

Curious about the shoes in the last photo? Sebastian was still wide awake and loved stacking his shoes on the couch next to me.

Looking out the back door of our room. Moab, UT.

More out our back door.

Old 60's Ford still doing work. Moab, UT.

Looks like a fun toy. Moab, UT.

The Red Cliffs Lodge grounds. Moab, UT.

The Colorado River. Moab, UT.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Sebastian loved Arches!

Utah gets cold!

I love Interstate 70 through Utah.

Sebastian's big stuffed dog that Patty bought in in Las Vegas, NV.

Patty and Sebastian are thrilled to be back in California!

That’s it. To see all of the photos simply click here.


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