Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio

Here is a post detailing the installation of the CB for the ninety six.

More details below.
I decided to get a Cobra 75 for the ’96 because it is a neat small package and has weather channels.  Since this is such a small, clean radio I had to do an equally clean installation.  As a bonus the install was a lot easier since I already had the interior completely torn apart.

Since CB radios draw a very small amount of power I decided to use the OEM accessory circuit, this way the radio is only powered when the ignition is in either the Run or Accessory positions.  I started out by tapping into the fuse panel and routing the wiring underneath the drivers side kick panel, sill plate, and carpet.  I brought the wires up through the hole for the power seat wiring.  I also ran a custom antenna wire to the drivers side quarter panel using the same method.

Power & Antenna wiring, click to enlarge.

Connection box set in place, click to enlarge.

I routed the antenna cable to the inside of the quarter panel and terminated it to a solder on PL259 panel mount connector.

Back side of connector, click to enlarge.

Front of connector riveted into place, click to enlarge.

Radio installed and testing complete, click to enlarge.

After installation I made myself a very simple CB antenna bracket that is more than strong enough for highway duty.

Antenna bracket, rear, click to enlarge.

Low-profile antenna bracket, click to enlarge.

Taking my time and planning the installation really made it turn out well, the installation was very clean and almost looks factory quality.  When I remove the antenna bracket and radio control unit it’s virtually invisible.

Control unit tucked away. The friction of the seat and console holds it in this position under all driving conditions. Click to enlarge.

Control unit/mic, click to enlarge.

Instead of putting an ugly hook somewhere on my dash board I simply got a microphone hook from Flying J and hook it to my rear-view mirror. This keeps the radio at read and the speaker at ear-level. Click to enlarge.

I expect many years of trouble-free service out of this.  As a bonus I can get another connection box for under $30, wire it into another vehicle, and moving the radio is as simple as detaching the control unit/mic cable and plugging it into the other vehicle.


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