Jeniko Laptop Mount

I installed a universal laptop mount today.

See more below.I ordered a universal laptop mount from Jeniko, I’ve been wanting to figure out a laptop mount for my Jeeps for awhile so that I can run my navigation software while on the go.  Instead of going through the trouble to build one I purchased a well-built and economical mount from Jeniko.  The mount is a very good basic mount although I did have to modify it slightly in order to install it.

I started out by using the base as a template to mark the mounting holes so I could pre-drill them.  Since I was going through carpet I wanted to make sure I had the holes exactly where I wanted as carpet and insulation has a tendency to grab self-drilling screws and throw them off course in the blink of an eye.

The only issue I’ve noticed with the mount was they painted the mount after cutting and tapping, because of this I had to run a tap through one piece so that the set screw would run in smoothly.  This was important because this is the screw you remove in order to take the entire mount out of the vehicle, I will be doing this a lot for theft prevention and because I’ll be using this mount in multiple vehicles.

Here is the base installed, this is what remains of the mount when you remove it from the vehicle.

Because the Cherokee interior is a rater small space I wanted the mount to take as little room as possible so I cut about five inches off the main boom and then drilled an additional mount hole so I could tuck it in closer.

Once I did that everything is done.  In the future I plan to modify the laptop table so that it holds the computer more securely.  I might also make a brace for the vertical arm if the table shakes too much while on the road.


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