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Azusa Canyon Cleanup 2015

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Joel form ADVRider put out the word that he wanted to build a crew for the Azusa Canyon cleanup. Me being an avid volunteer with the USFS I jumped right on it. We even got to get some riding in on a normally closed trail.

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Short Memorial Day Ride

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I had a bit of time on Memorial Day so took the DR350 out for a ride, my normally nighttime ride through the industrial areas of Wilmington and the Port of Los Angeles to the rich coastal area of Palos Verdes with its twisty roads.

Junk and junk


Two wheels is fun.

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Andy’s Free – Mojave Road 2015

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My friend and fellow long-time NAXJA member Andy Steiner passed away, the natural memorial run to honer his life was Mojave Road.  A group of us got together and had a good time on the trail.

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2015 DVNR – Out of the Comfort Zone Teaser Video

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Here is a short video I cut from footage on my Reward Mine trip.

That was a fun day.

DR350 Mission Accomplished

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Mission accomplished.

All in all the bike performed very well this weekend. It ran great, the only mechanical issue I had was a sheared kickstand bolt, I made quick work of that Friday morning and went out on the above solo ride up the old Darwin toll road. It sure was a lot of fun to take the bike up the loose and rocky sections of the toll road and the Reward Mine access road.
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2015 DVNR – Saturday Night through Sunday/Time to Go

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Saturday night I got changed out of my riding gear and headed over to the dinner and raffle. As usual the dinner was good and the raffle entertaining. I managed to win an ADVMoto subscription and dual sporting DVD and procured a machete for my KLR. That night I had a couple beers and went to bed a bit early, I was too wiped out for the sort of debauchery I was expecting to be up to.  I went back to camp to retrieve my bottle of Karma Tequila I had one in a previous year’s raffle, took one drink, then gave it to the folks at the campfire to pass around.

Chris Horgan of Stewards of the Sequoias talks about Land Access. This man has done a lot of good keeping trails open in the Sequoia National Forest and deserves our full support.

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