DR350 Body Work

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So last night (Thursday) I worked late on some server stuff. While it was necessary work I might have scheduled this with the main goal of “working remotely” on Friday so I could sneak some DR work in.  IT life is tough.

The first task of the day was to order parts for the shifting issue. I went down to Del Amo Motorsports to order them, I should have the parts next week. Unfortunately Ersin was not at that site today so I was unable to give him shit about not attending DVNR (man his priorities are all out of whack).

When I got home I started in on completing a pet project that I’ve been working out for some time.

One thing I never liked about this bikes was the rear fender. The OEM taillight leaves several large holes, on top of that the aftermarket light it had left even more.

Now me being a KLR owner I like a nice, clean, pretty bike. I had to fix this. Since this machine has been nickle and diming me the idea of an aftermarket fender was nixed due to time and budget. I decided to make a panel to cover the holes and serve as a tail light and license plate bracket.

I started out with some CAD work to lay out the design.

Many thanks to the Lego Corporation for providing me with the box I needed.

After laying out the design on the cardboard I cut it out and applied it to some thin aluminum sheet.

I then cut the sheet out, drilled the holes, and roughly shaped it to the fender. Now it was ready to scuff up, prime, and paint.

Then it was as simple and attaching it to the bike. Now the rear end looks much better. The look was complete with a DRC Tail Lamp and a set of LED turn signals (only one mounted in this photo).

After that I geeked out on some wiring with my Trail Tech Voyager dash and my Trail Tech spotlamps. I will take a few photos of the wiring a bit later on, I was too busy getting OCD. For now I’ll just drop this teaser shot of my new lights and my new sticker (Armstrong crest).

I think I’m going to like those lights.

Tomorrow some more wiring and maybe a bit of work on the tow pig. The last time I was doing Adopt-A-Trail work I managed to mess up the exhaust. Holly doesn’t want me stealing her little Jeep for DVNR so I guess I’ll need to correct that.

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