USFS M100 Repair

One of the other clubs posted in the Adopt-A-Trail forum that the USFS-owned M100 used by various Adopt-A-Trail groups was out of service due to unsafe tires.  I spoke with NAXJA and we decided to repair this.  Since I’ve got a soft spot for 1/4 ton trailers I spearheaded this project.

I knocked off early from work, picked up Sebastian, and we ran up to Big Bear to get the old wheels and tires.  We had dinner in Big Bear then went back home.  The next day I researched tires to see what size and brand would work best.  I ultimately decided on Firestone Destination MT as they had the most aggressive tread design in the LT215/85 R16 size.  While you do not need aggressive tread for forward traction as you would for a vehicle it does help to have some lugs to keep the trailer from wanting to slide sideways when on more aggressive trails.  This trailer is subjected to the most difficult-rated trails in Big Bear.

New tires mounted up and ready.  I purchased the tires from and had the local Big-O Tires in Torrance mount them for me.  When they heard that this was for volunteer work they really took care of me.

Trailer repaired and back to work.

This little trailer is back in action.  This trailer was used a lot in re-opening 3N93, Holcomb Creek Trail.  It hauled tons of boulders to build up the trail.  The trailer has held together well but the frame is starting to look a little bad.  I think one day I’ll need to grab it and reinforce the frame.  For now all is good, I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

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