Rotopax Fuel Container for the DR350

Today I added fuel storage to the DR350.

The one gripe I have about the DR350 is the lack of range. This bike came from the factory with just over 2 gallons of fuel capacity.  This bike has an IMS 3.5 gallon tank on it but that does not completely solve the issue.  To help get me a little bit further down the trail I added a one gallon Rotopax fuel can to the bike.  This goes hand in hand with my Scaggs Moto Designs rack which comes already drilled and tapped for a Rotopax mount.

The one gallon can fits well on the rack leaving the tie down tabs exposed for additional gear.

One thing to note is the Rotopax mount protrudes about one inch above the surface of the can.  I will be making a spacer to fill this void and give my dry bag a flat surface to sit on.

I expect a good, long life out of this product.

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