DR350 Engine Assembly

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I got home from a day in my San Diego office a little earlier than expected so I got some DR time in.

This small pile represents about $250.  I marked all the little bags to make identification easier.

Prepping the cylinder head cover for installation.

Head buttoned up. Ignore the bolt sticking out, that’s the decompression shaft, I need to make sure I set that correctly so left the bolt up as a flag.

While I was working on the head I used a pie tin to soak the clutch friction plates. I’ve got my wife trained enough that she doesn’t even question why I bought pie tins to work on the motorcycle.

Using the EBC clutch tools makes tightening it up nice and easy.

Mmmmm, gooey.

All buttoned up, no broken bolts this time! Hopefully we’re tight enough.

Now for the cover on and done for the night.

I’m hoping that I can get out of work early enough tomorrow to at least wash the exhaust, if not get it painted. I need to bake it on Sunday and install. While it’s baking I’ll put the carburetor on, adjust the valves, and do some main wiring harness cleanup items (I’m a bit anal about wiring).

Too bad I can’t work on it Saturday, we have to go to California Adventure because my daughter turned four yesterday. How inconsiderate of her!

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